Monday 27-Apr-2015

Day A
House on Duty: Matthews
TOD: T.Melville
8:30amChapel Talk: Alexa Armstrong
8:30amVisit site of YPI Civic's Project
11:30amAdvisor/Advisee (Grs. 9 to 11 only)
Various Rooms
11:30amGrad Meeting
11:30amSoup Lunch for Lakefield Food Bank
3:15pm2nd Ultimate: Tournament@FLEM

    Dining Hall Menu

    • Posted 7-Apr-2015
    • Vera Wilcox

    The weekly dining hall menu rotates between three menus throughout each term. Week 1 Menu runs: March 23, April 13, May 4, May 25 Week 2 Menu runs: March 30, April 20, May 2, June 1 Week 3 Menu runs: April 6, April 27, May 18, June 8 There may be mimore

    Dining Hall 

    1st Boys Rugby Introduction

    • Posted 3-Apr-2015
    • Ian Armstrong

    The 1st Boys Rugby Team is coached by Peter Andras and Matt Murray. Last season the team played in the semi finals of the the CISAA Senior Boys Division Two Championship.more

    1st Boys Rugby 

    1st Girls Soccer Introduction

    • Posted 3-Apr-2015
    • Ian Armstrong

    The 1st Girls Soccer team is coached by Janice Runza and Taylor Morencie. The team competes in the CISAA at the Senior Girls Division Two level. The spring team has won the CISAA Championship in both 2008 and 2011.more

    1st Girls Soccer 

    1st Rowing Introduction

    • Posted 3-Apr-2015
    • Ian Armstrong

    Using both on-site 'ergs' and facilities at the Trent Rowing Club, the spring team places well at invitational and national championships. Nicola Bendle and Susan Armstrong are the coaches.more

    1st Rowing